Embody 7 Figures & the Frequency
of Money

The 7 Figure

The program to help you master the energetics of money and wealth and empower you
financially. And the program to help you embody the frequency of someone who is wealthy,
knows wealth is her destiny, and feels fully confident and in control of her wealth and ability
to grow it. This new version of you will allow you to become your most expanded self.


- You feel out of control with your money and finances, even though you are earning “good” money.

- You already have money, but you haven't yet mastered the energetics of money and wealth on a deep, embodied level.

- You’ve come into money through death, divorce, or family and you don’t know what to do with it and are in a fear space.

- You have just left a marriage, relationship, or job and want to build a strong financial foundation for yourself and family.

- You want to expand into more money in your life and business and master the energetics of 7 figures.

- You are an entrepreneur who is looking to expand her energetics and get to the next level in her business.

- You have outgrown your family’s money story and feel called to more for yourself, but know intuitively or otherwise that the missing piece of the puzzle is your relationship with money and/or that money and success feel unfamiliar and unsafe.

- You have an inner soul-level knowing that you have been called to do big things, but feel blocked in getting there and in your ability to receive.

You’re here because:


The 7 Figure Frequency is the program for you if you feel out of control with your money or
haven’t mastered the energetics of wealth.

It’s also for you if you have come into money and are stuck in a fear space or you want to lay
a solid financial foundation for yourself after a significant life event.

- Fear and worry that you are out of control with your money and the cycle of hope and disappointment has you exhausted and frustrated.

- You feel fearful that you don’t know how to manage the money you have come into, and either switch off when it comes to decisions and want to avoid it altogether, or
spend way too much of it because it feels so uncomfortable.

- Guilt that you can’t seem to fix how you relate to money and wealth despite being so fortunate.

- Wanting someone else to take care of the money and finances for you, feeling like you want to avoid it.

- Desiring someone or something to come and save you, so you don’t have to take matters into your own hands.

- Feeling weighed down by your family and the money story you grew up with, deeply wanting more for yourself, but feeling uncomfortable when any expansion takes place.

- Fear that you now have no one to depend on, that it is all on your shoulders and feeling overwhelmed that you are now on your own.

- Panic that you have been pushed off a cliff in life, and like it or not, things have gotten real and now you have to deal with them. You don’t want to travel the road alone.

- Plain old tired to the bone after years of financial cycling and abandoning yourself financially.

- Your nervous system is completely shot and your financial situation has you in permanent fight-or-flight mode.



Taking control of your financial situation will set you free and allow you to become the
person you were meant to become.

Mastering the energetics of money and wealth makes you a magnet for absolutely
everything else in your life.

The pride and calm that becoming the master of your financial destiny gives you are some of
the most loving things you can do for yourself.

Releasing the fear and shame around money and embodying abundance and wealth frees
up so much space for new things to come into your life, for you become a completely new
and more aligned person in the process.

So the question is… if all the things you’ve been doing up until now haven’t been working,
then what will?


Hear What Past Clients Have To Say

Before working with Erika, I had a very poor relationship with money. She brilliantly let me explore the root cause of this poor relationship. Turns out it absolutely had nothing to do with money but everything to do with my relationship with myself. My lack of self-worth and need to stay small and not outshine anyone was the thing holding me back from living a financially abundant life. Since working with Erika my confidence and self-worth has noticeably increased. I feel finally ready and comfortable to make the aligned steps into my career. No fears, no limiting beliefs holding me back and no more playing small. Erika really is brilliant at what she does. How much are your fears and limiting beliefs costing you in your life?


Before I met Erika, I was struggling with my business and my relationship with money. I had deep-rooted limiting beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my full potential. She took the time to get to know me and my unique challenges, making me feel heard and valued. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in RTT hypnotherapy and business/money immediately put me at ease.
During our work, Erika guided me through a powerful journey of self-discovery. She helped me uncover and address the underlying issues that were causing my limiting beliefs around money and my business. Through her gentle yet firm approach, I was able to confront my fears and release the emotional blocks that were standing in my way.
I started to see positive changes in my mindset and my business began to flourish in new ways. My newfound confidence allowed me to take risks and make important decisions that I had been putting off. As a result, my business has grown, and I now enjoy a healthier and more abundant relationship with money.
If you're struggling with limiting beliefs or feel stuck in any area of your life, do yourself a favor and book with Erika. It could be the catalyst for the change you've been waiting for.
Thank you, Erika, for your support and guidance!


Before starting work with Erika, despite the previous intensive development in my personal and business life, I was stuck. Blocks, unsupportive beliefs, my thinking, old patterns, and certain relationships prevented me from finding a happier, more efficient self. I could not change what I felt was not serving me. At first, I was very attracted to Erika's authenticity. I was impressed by the high level of Erika's course preparation and her individual approach to me. The effects came very quickly. I felt new power, energy, joy, and peace. I sorted out my current goals and desires, I also found new ones. I changed my thinking. I feel equipped with tools that I can always reach for. I definitely and wholeheartedly recommend working with Erika. If you're thinking about it, you should just do it. The size of your transformation will exceed your wildest expectations. Erika is a smart, warm, and wonderful person who shares her knowledge and tools straight from her heart. And that's priceless. 


In The 7 Figure Frequency Framework program, I will show you exactly how to master the energetics of money and wealth and embody a 7 figure frequency. You will do deep subconscious reprogramming to change your default program related to abundance and finances, as well as how you relate to yourself on the most basic level.

Most of the people that come to me have done a lot of work on themselves and are very conscious women. They have been doing so much, but often not of the right thing that can really propel them forward. In addition, so much of the content out there related to money and wealth is targeted towards people who don’t have it. That is a very different conversation. If what they were doing worked, there wouldn’t be so many women whose lives look so together on the inside, living stuck in fear and hopelessness around money and finances.

This 3 month program covers all the energetic, emotional, physical, and practical steps a woman needs to energetically embody 7 figures and to take back control of her financial destiny and become financially empowered.

The 7FFF program will see you become your most expansive self in every area of your life.

I know exactly where you’re coming from because I have been there. I went through my own financial dark night of the soul with the cycles of fear and sadness that comes with feeling financially out of control. That’s exactly why I do the work that I do today. It is my privilege to support women through the process of discovering their financial power which actually reconnects them to their own inner power, helping them step into their full expansion.

Selling my first company and earning a large sum of money triggered every fear and harmful financial pattern that I had that I wasn’t even aware of. From what having or not having money said about my worth, to feeling physically safe having it, and most of all to trusting myself to be my own financial savior. My nervous system was out of control. Energetically I was pushing all the money I had made away. I didn’t feel good around it. The cherry on top of the cake was that I gave my husband all of my money, so he could hold it for me. I remember feeling that not only did I trust him more with it, but I wanted to feel like he was taking care of me financially. I was desperate for him to save me.

Even though I had grown up around money, I didn’t have a healthy relationship with it. I believed so many lies about money and wealth that were literally destroying my life and keeping me stuck and small. What I wanted was to put my head in the sand and avoid the subject altogether. My body couldn’t take the stress and I got very sick, to the point I couldn’t work. I was exhausted and frustrated. Something had to change.

I drew a big, fat line between what was and what I knew I needed to create for myself to end the cycle of fear, sadness, and disappointment in myself. I learned how to stop abandoning myself financially. I got real about where I was, what I was earning and spending, and where I wanted to be in the future. It took tough conversations, a lot of support from mentors and coaches and hours spent journaling, reading, and listening to the stories of others. It was through my dark night of the soul, that I created the program that exists today, the framework I used to master the energetics of money and wealth, and finally become a financially empowered woman who creates the life she wants in a totally aligned and heart-led way.

In The 7 Figure Frequency Framework, I have created what my former self then needed to fully embody and embrace money and master the energetics of a financially empowered woman who is wealthy, knows wealth is her destiny, and feels fully confident and in control of her wealth and ability to grow it.

Time to leave abandoning yourself financially behind and finally become the woman you came here to be 

(even if stepping into full responsibility for yourself financially feels overwhelming at the moment)


- Are ready to step into your greatness and leave the sadness, fear and disappointment in the past. Are grateful for what the cycles of financial disempowerment have taught you, but totally ready to start a whole new chapter in life.

- Want to build a strong financial foundation for yourself and for your family, one that feels good and is alignment with your core values.

- Desire to expand into more in your life and business, following the tug at your soul towards your destiny and purpose.

- Know that your old financial patterns and energetics hinder you from growing and stepping into your power.

- Want to embody the aura of wealth, as someone who is wealthy, feels confidently wealthy, and knows deeply that wealth is her destiny.

- Never want to find yourself in the same financial predicament as at some point in the past.

- Never want to repeat family financial patterns that you recognize as dysfunctional and/or are keeping you small.

- Want to confidently make financial decisions and feel empowered when it comes to thinking about, talking about, and taking action on money and building your wealth.

- Want to create wealth in a feminine and embodied way that feels good.


Audit. What level of wealth do you have today? What do you believe about money and wealth? Where do you experience leaks and how do you feel about budgets? What was the story about money in your family of origin? 


Uncovering limiting beliefs. What is your story about yourself? What is your story about money and what is your primary money block? Hypnosis to uncover and shift money blocks.

The energy of money. A deep dive into what money and wealth are on an energetic level and why you are programmed from a young age to be in energetic dissonance with them. Masculine vs. Feminine energy and how this influences your ability to receive.




Future Self Vision Casting. What do you want your life and finances to look like and how do you want to feel? What is your true purpose and vision for life and business? How wealthy can you let yourself be?

Shift body-based programming. What is your body-based programming? Do you use your intuition? Is your nervous system regulated? Are you in fight-or-flight a lot?

Process and Release. How do you feel around money/abundance? Where do you experience these emotions and feelings physically? Triggers? Release.




Expanding in 3D – using the physical world to help you anchor your expansion through dreaming even bigger for yourself and turning your jealousy into inspiration and action.

Rewrite your money story. Reprogram subconscious and conscious limiting beliefs about money and wealth. Align physical world and nervous system with your new story and programming. 

Using affirmations and future-self visuals. Why they work and how to use them to get the maximum benefit and quick manifestation of your desires and dreams.




And so much more…

The 7 Figure Frequency Framework combines the conscious and subconscious work, as well as the physical, emotional and practical techniques required for you to leave your past patterning, programming, and financial stress behind and create a completely new future for yourself and version of you.

You will be supported by me throughout the program and we will have at least one hypnotherapy session together to accelerate your journey.

The 7 Figure Frequency Framework is my favorite and ultimate program that combines everything I have learned in one place to best support you on your personal journey. This online program continues to expand as I expand and grow, and add new modalities and methods


In this absolutely powerful and extremely supportive online mentorship program, we will shift your reality completely and move you forward so much faster than you could have ever imagined.

You will achieve quantum leaps in all areas of your life and become deeply rooted in your ability to create, keep, and be deserving of wealth, money, and abundance.

Through my own personal experience of my financial dark night of the soul, and years of mentoring other women through the process of their financial empowerment, I know on a very deep and visceral level the emotional, mental, practical, and physical processes that you need to focus on to embody the frequency of 7 figures, wealth, and your most expansive self.

This will be an expansion in all ways – in your money and finances, business, life, relationships, and so much more. You will learn to love yourself fully and know that you are worthy of it all.


I invite you to join me in this 3 month
"I am leaving life as I know it behind and stepping into my best and wealthiest self" program

- Personalised support from Erika in our private members group.

- Voxer access to Erika for duration of program.

- Private group and community of like-minded women, moving through the same expansion as you.

- The 7 Figure Frequency Program: Let Erika guide you through the 12 weeks of modules, composed
 of video and audio recordings, as well as workbooks and PDFs. The program is structured in a way that best supports your healing and growth and ensures that you get results fast.

- 1:1 support over 6 live calls.




Become completely clear on all the ways you have been holding yourself back and keeping yourself small. Uncover your limiting beliefs about money and yourself.


Understand deeply what money and wealth are on an energetic level and how you can embody the frequency of 7 figures and more.

Create a vision for your future and what you want for yourself in your most expanded form. You will also know how to get there.




Uncover body-based programming that has prevented you from seeing results from work you have done in the area of money in the past, and shift this programming.

Completely reprogram your mind and body to that of a woman who knows that wealth is her destiny and is completely confident in her ability to take care of herself financially. Money will just feel good.



What Past Members Say

I was really encouraged to have more confidence after the amazing work with Erika, the way she helped me get into scenes that I didn't realize were meaningful in my life... I found out how I got the limiting belief that women could not be successful without the support of being in a couple or from men. I realized that I had been procrastinating  because I wasn't feeling enough... After our work together, I found out I was enough, I could be a successful therapist, and I could reach my financial goals. I got some great motivation to look for my dreams. She made me a great recording that I keep listening to every night and I am deeply grateful for her! 


Before working with Erika I was not assertive, and under the bad influence of unhealthy relationships in my business
and private life. My financial situation was insecure and I was unable to make necessary changes. It was the first time
for me under hypnosis. Erika told me to create clarity about my current situation in private, business and financials in order
to start fixing the problems I face one by one. By clearing up my current situation now I can take action to solve the most important issues first, instead of not knowing where to start. Her positive energy and the way she communicates gave me the energy to take action.


I sought help for business stress, insomnia, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. While working with Erika, I felt very positive, trusting, and that I was in capable hands. I am generally sleeping better, have increased awareness over what makes me agitated, and have more control over my anxiety. I like that Erika has a background as an entrepreneur, which makes her credible. I love the hypnosis session and the feeling coming out of the session. Erika provides focused hypnotherapy dealing with business stress, in addition to crucial support in moments of high pressure in life. I felt boosted, supported, and grounded.  



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Erika Oley is a frequency of money mentor, hypnotherapist, and podcast host, as well as long-time business owner and entrepreneur. She works with women who struggle with their relationship with money through her private coaching practice, her online program, and her podcast. Erika supports and inspires them to become financially empowered while embracing their feminine nature. She has become a champion for the modern woman and mental health through financial liberation and believes that mastering the energetics of money and wealth is what can allow you to fully achieve your purpose.

Erika’s intention is to see women step into their power and master their ability to create, keep, and manage wealth for themselves. If she can change her money story and embody the 7 figure frequency, then you can, too. Erika invites you to step forward into your fullest potential.

Erika currently lives between Spain and Poland with her two daughters, way-too-many horses, dog, cat, bunny, and hamster. She spends most of her time on horseback and usually has a piece of hay sticking out of her shoes. When she isn’t at the stable, she can be found walking around her beachside town, reading a book, travelling, and discovering new food.

Her life motto is: Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose. – Michelle Rosenthal