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Erika is a wealth & money mindset coach and certified hypnotherapist.

Erika Oley is an elite wealth & money mindset coach for female professionals. She is also a certified hypnotherapist with two decades of experience running her own businesses. She has seen way too many people who have abusive and dysfunctional relationships with money destroy their businesses and often - their lives. It is Erika's personal mission to help other women rebuild and rewire their relationship to wealth and money, so they can experience maximum abundance, wealth, and impact.

She has been praised by clients for "understanding business" and being "concrete, professional, and highly intuitive" which allows her to get to the heart of what keeps her clients stuck and stagnant. Through her unique combination of coaching and hypnotherapy, she helps her clients create results quickly and experience exponential expansion. 

Erika believes that the way we relate to money and wealth is directly connected to our worldview and relationship to ourself, often the product of dysfunctional patterns and programs that we picked up in our family of origin. Her methods produce rapid results that positively affect every single area of her clients' lives. 

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