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7 minute video podcast that is dedicated to empowering your financial and personal growth.

The weekly wealth & money mindset podcast that tunes you into the frequency of 7 figures.

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This show is all about authentic communication and honesty, with both Erika and her guests sharing from the heart.

we get really really real.

You will learn a lot from the many experts Erika brings on the show to discuss the various modalities we can explore to live our best life.

It's definitely educational

This podcast goes into all of the ways we can rewire our mindset when it comes to money and wealth, as well as living our dream life.

not your average MONEY podcast

What you'll find on the podcast:

- Alex G.

"SO valuable I can't wait for new episodes! I'm never disappointed."

- Marthe B.

"This podcast is just awesome. Erika is inspiring, relatable, & so genuine."

- Denise A.

"Seriously... the best wealth & money podcast out there! Hands down."

I’m a wealth & money mindset coach, as well as a certified hypnotherapist with two decades of experience running my own business. Women have - for far too long - gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to making money and earning and building wealth for themselves, with some pretty harmful programming from society at large that keeps them underearning and overworking. 

You can choose to write a new story whenever you want. One where you create the script of your life. And in case you needed reassurance, it's true that the most effective way to change the world is - as Mother Theresa said - with a checkbook. This podcast will be your wealth building BFF, as you chart the path to your own exponential expansion.


Host of "The 7 Figure Frequency"

Hey friend! I'm Erika.

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Erika discusses the distinct energy and vibration required to create the financial reality you desire. She underlines why we can not ignore energetics of money. 

The Energetics Of Money And Wealth

Erika Oley shares her personal story of having to overcome her money blocks and limitations and how that led to her ultimate financial expansion.

My Story

Discover the three powerful money blocks that are not only blocking your path to financial success but also hindering your growth in every area.

Money Blocks Keeping You Stuck

Erika talks about what happens when we create a financial reality that our family never experienced and what we need to break free from our familial story.

Outwealthing Your Family Of Choice & Origin

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"Fun and insightful! This is my go to podcast when I need some money & mindset inspiration. Erika makes money fun and shares her experiences which are easy to relate to." — Jamie K.

"Erika makes money fun and shares her experiences which are easy to relate to."

 "SO many breakthroughs!! I wouldn’t be where I am in my business without her advice. Highly recommend listening, you’ll definitely level-up in every area of your business!" - @NeedMyBooks

"So many breakthroughs! I wouldn’t be where I am in my business without her advice."

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