I have seen money mindset ruin way too many lives, so it is a personal mission...

We all know people who have achieved sudden success, only to lose it all or not be able to handle it; or still others who get totally stuck at a certain level of expansion and can't move beyond it. I have seen many lives, businesses, and families ruined by harmful mental programming related to abundance, money, and wealth, especially when it lacks the business strategy to back it up.

I'm a money mindset & business coach and can help you create a million-dollar business almost effortlessly.

You have felt like the 6-figure hamster wheel has all but sucked the life out of you. You are highly motivated to change because you have big dreams and want a business that allows you to live your dream life.

When you finally start making six figures, you realize that it's actually one of the most difficult places to be on your professional journey. It requires A LOT of hustle and it's also a comfortable place, that can easily knock us out of wanting to pursue our dreams.

What we know, even if it feels too small for us, feels safer than trying to achieve our big business goals, especially when we have been disappointed, or when the slightest roadblock shows up. 

I know exactly how you feel because I have been there multiple times. And even when I thought I knew exactly how to build a million-dollar business, building my online coaching business from the ground up has been a whole different ballgame.   

But from the other side of a multi-million dollar business, I can tell you that there is a way to do it all without the hustle, and when you combine money mindset with business strategy, there is literally no goal too small.

THEY HAVE BEEN TRYING ALL THE THINGS, TAKING ADVICE FROM THE WRONG PEOPLE, and essentially sleepwalking through their lives.

I see so many brilliant people  wanting to give up their dreams.

Discover how to make massive amounts of money in a way that feels almost effortless, totally aligned, and absolutely sustainable.

When you have a dysfunctional relationship with money, it keeps you from achieving your true potential - in business and in life.

Your worldview is a direct result of your money story, which in turn influences every single decision you make. Money mindset and being aligned with wealth creation is such a vital part of business and your path to success that it should be taught in business school. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. 

When we finally learn how to combine money mindset with business strategy, we build a legacy for ourselves and for everyone who comes after us - because we decide to break the cycle of dysfunction when it comes to money. We are stepping forward and saying "hell, yeah" to claim our greatness.

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"The size of your transformation will exceed your wildest expectations. Erika is a smart, warm and wonderful person who shares her knowledge and tools straight from her heart." — Anna Ł.P.

"I am equipped with tools I can always reach for and have rewired my brain."

"Erika showed me another perspective on my life, just by changing the way I look at things. Working with her was empowering, because I feel energised and I can take on the whole world." — Luisana M.C.

"Working with Erika will change the way you experience life."

"Erika's background as an entrepreneur makes her credible with business people. She and what she offers are very concrete. She has provided crucial supported in moments of high pressure in my life."
— Robin D. (picture changed at client's request)

"Erika helped me to feel boosted, supported, and grounded."


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