Elite wealth & money mindset coaching to help you master the energetics of money so that it just feels good and you can finally trust in your ability to create, earn, and grow your wealth. You will finally feel empowered around money and financial decisions, allowing you to truly become your best self.

1:1 Coaching With Erika


No one ever modelled a good relationship to money and wealth, and repeated financial trauma has left you feeling stuck, frustrated, and a little burnt out. It prevents you from opening up to your greatest potential and living a life of your dreams.

Earning and building personal wealth gives your power, freedom, indendence, and legacy.

Rewiring your wealth & money mindset unlocks completely untapped potential and allows you to make decisions from a place of empowerment and worthiness. It connects you to your inner strength, knowing, and wisdom, meaning you are able to design the life and business of your dreams in total alignment with the most authentic version of yourself. You literally become a different person, mentally, physically and energetically.

i see you...

You're tired of giving away your financial power.
You are ready to take it back.

Through my unique approach that targets the conscious and subconscious minds, we create a bridge between the two, allowing us to safely get your mind on board with change.


Whether you are in my intensive 1:1 or my on-demand program, you can be sure that I am actively involved in your progress and constantly working to ensure your success.


Your wealth and money mindset is connected to deep-seated beliefs you have about yourself. Only by rewiring these deep-rooted beliefs can we create lasting change.

I get to the root

3 Ways My Approach is Different...

No more fear around money, including around having it, not having it, budgeting, spending on the wrong things, fear of investing, fear of not investing, and more.

Immediate expansion in business as a result of wealth and money mindset changes.

More peace and calm in general and better relationship with self. Improved physical health and vibrance, improved mood, improved energy.

Better boundaries with others and in general, more in touch with deep internal knowing and wisdom.

Results my clients see...

"My lack of self-worth and need to stay small and not outshine anyone was the thing holding me from living a financially abundant life. I finally feel ready and comfortable to make the aligned steps in my career." — Veronik M.

"No fears or limiting beliefs holding me back, no more playing small!"

Open yourself up to living out your maximum potential in a way that makes you happy mentally and physically.

You will feel empowered to create sustainable wealth for yourself that just feels good.

feel empowered

Your internal wisdom will allow you to rediscover the connection to yourself and what you really want.

You will remember how to listen to the voice inside your heart, to the deep internal knowing. 

connect to yourself

Being in alignment creates a massively powerful force within you that in turn shifts the world around you.

You will know how to create a life and business in total alignment with your core values.

rediscover alignment


"The size of your transformation will exceed your wildest expectations. Erika is a smart, warm and wonderful person who shares her knowledge and tools straight from her heart." — Anna Ł.P.

"I am equipped with tools I can always reach for and have rewired my brain."

"Erika showed me another perspective on my life, just by changing the way I look at things. Working with her was empowering, because I feel energised and I can take on the whole world." — Luisana M.C.

"Working with Erika will change the way you experience life."

"Erika's background as an entrepreneur makes her credible with business people. She and what she offers are very concrete. She has provided crucial supported in moments of high pressure in my life."
— Robin D. (picture changed at client's request)

"Erika helped me to feel boosted, supported, and grounded."


$4,600 for 3 Months*

* Payment in full or 3 x $1,667. 

+ 3 months of private coaching
+ 10 coaching sessions 
+ 2 hypnotherapy sessions
+ Lifetime Access to The 7 Figure Frequency Program
+ On-demand hypnosis library
+ Immersive in-person event in Southern Spain available

what's included

Our calls happen over Zoom (or phone call if you prefer) or in my office in the South of Spain (Olé!). Each call is either 60 or 120 minutes, depending on your individualized plan. 

Elite 1:1 Coaching

High-touch support from Erika over Voxer, email, or WhatsApp depending on your needs.


Access to on-demand course is given to all of my clients, whether you are doing the 1:1 intensive or not.


Coaching sessions are 60 to 120 minutes long and face to face on Zoom. (Or we can meet in my office.)

3 months of 1:1 coaching

What coaching is like...

I’m a wealth & money mindset coach, as well as a certified hypnotherapist with two decades of experience running my own businesses. I am passionate about empowering women around finances. I know that chasing zeroes in your bank account isn't going to scratch that itch in your soul, your inner knowing that you were made for more. But I also know that the most effective way to change the world is - as Mother Theresa said - with a checkbook.

Women have inherited some pretty dysfunctional patterns when it comes to wealth and money programming, which prevent us from fulling stepping into our full potential in life and business. You can choose to create a new story whenever you want. You are the writer and the director of your own play.

Your longing for more balance, impact and happiness is there for a reason. It is your soul pulling you forward towards your most authentic self. Together we can unlock your exponential expansion.  

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I'm Erika — wealth & money coach & certified hypnotherapist.

What would it be like if your life felt and looked as good as it does in your wildest dreams?

Because that's what it all comes down to really: how it feels. And I promise you that you are capable of building a life of wealth, abundance, and impact that feels amazing. You can create a legacy for yourself that affects lives worldwide.

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